The huge 2014...

To sum up 2014 is a tough job. It was a huge year for me and my family. A huge incredible year full of high highs and some rubbish lows. It was a year of major life events. In February Jamie and I made our two into a three with the arrival of Ollie. The months to follow Ollie's arrival were a little bumpy as both Ollie and myself spent time going in and out of hospital. At points 2014 seemed to stand still and at others it seemed to speed past without me realising another month had been and gone. Meanwhile a wedding was being planned in the background and for this I have to thank my wonderful family for taking over the reins. Jamie and I got married in July in Aviemore  surrounded by our family and friends that ventured from all over the world to join us. I've always had a great understanding of the importance of weddings however it isn't until you stand looking around a room full of people from all aspects of your life, all under the same roof (or Tipi in our case) that you realise how pretty dam special it is. It was an incredible day and wish I could do it over and over again. Following a baby and a wedding we moved house in October. We now have a garden and a room to turn into a studio,  the icing on the cake of an exciting year. Amongst all of this I have been busy with work, photographing many wonderful weddings In Scotland, England and even in the South of France.  I've photographed  Newborns, families and some commercial shoots aswell. 

The year was suppose to end in the Southern Hemisphere, on the beaches and in the Ocean of Jamie's homeland NZ and then onto OZ..  However our plans were scuppered as Ollie came down with a nasty ear infection that prevented us from flying, we will just have to squeeze in a trip to OZ and NZ in 2015 instead. So we swapped the beaches and ocean for the Cairngorm mountains for Sledging and long wintery walks with my family. 

Some years can be uneventful and others make a significant turn. 2014 will be one of the biggest years I will ever experience and I want to thank all those that shared it with me. So what does 2015 hold. A year of sharing other peoples big events. I have a busy year ahead photographing weddings in some very exciting locations. I am opening my new studio to concentrate more on new born and kids shoots and we'll be taking a couple of trips overseas.  Jamie and I have big plans for 2016 so heres to 2015 paving the way for those plans to happen. May it be a little less eventful than the previous year but just as wonderful. Here's a small selection of images to sum up my big fat 2014!  

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