Greg + Jo | Nielsen Park | Sydney Wedding

On the 8th April this year Jo (from Sydney) married her husband Greg (from Glasgow) for the second time. I got to capture it and wow how lucky I was to get to do so. Jo and Greg live in Glasgow and after celebrating their first wedding on Greg's home turf at the end of last year they tied the knot in Greycliffe Gardens in Nielsen Park in Sydney. These two had it all right. It was about the people, their connection and the places that defined them. A huge chunk of my heart belongs in Sydney and I felt so honoured to be able to capture their wedding day which was so filled with sheer excitement, happiness and contentment. The month before had been one of the wettest March's Sydney had seen for years so I was a little worried about the weather, however being from Glasgow not a bit fazed about how I would handle shooting a wedding in the rain. Photographing in the rain come second nature to me now. However the day delivered. It was an incredibley beautiful Australian day which ended in the most spectacular sunset which turned the sky into a free pit. 

I sat on the beach at the end of the night with mixed emotions. A heavy heart knowing I was leaving OZ only a few days later but feeling so grateful for the experiences I had had in Australia in the 4 month's prior and to be ending it surrounded by incredible happy people. I also felt and always do feel incredibly greatful to be doing a job I truly love and which allows me to meet such wonderful people and see such incredible places. Also the excitment of the though of the year ahead made me smile. Back to my beautiful Scotland. 

Jo and Greg. Congratulations again, you are both truely lovely and I look forward to seeing you both again soon. Thank you for having me capture your stunning day!