Time Flies....

If you have made your way onto my website and ventured even further onto my blog, welcome. Welcome to the start of what's to come. My old website was a bit dated so I launched a new website last year which is still under construction. I wanted to revamp and refresh my website after a very busy past few years. I have a huge amount of beautiful weddings, babies and family sessions to share. I'm highly doubt I'll have the time to share everything before the next season kicks off but I'll give it a go. 

So the blog is bare at the moment. 2016 was a bit of a momentous year. A year of adding another family member to the mix. New jobs within the family and a very busy year of business for me. For everyone who contacted me, everyone that booked me, everyone that wanted to book me but I already had a previous booking, thank you. Thank you for loving my work enough to get in touch and share your special life occasions with me. I am one of those fortune people that wake up each day and don't dread going to work. I truely love my job. I love the different people I meet, the different parts of the world I get to see, the different venues and peoples homes I get to photograph in. I love the babies I get to cuddle and moments in time I get to preserve for people. I am fortunate. I work hard, I work very hard . I have a young family and life is a juggling act but I love it. So a big thank you for coming to have a look and thank you for the support. While I am getting my blog up and running you can find more of my work on my instagram pages. I have one for my wedding work on:


and my new born and family work (with some person photographs thrown into the mix) on:


My mum always called me a free spirit. I wasn't the academic one of the family. I was the "arty one" this phrase used to get under my skin. I wanted to be incredibly intelligent and successful and didn't fully appreciate where my "creative side" would take me. I thought it was a diplomatic phrase given to me to make me free more unique (as I'm now finding as a parent you try and make your kind feel this way). Well its taken me here. I am sitting in the house that my husband grew up in. The sun is beaming down outside and I can hear my children screaming with laughter in the garden with the smell of BBBQ being carried in by the wind. We have spent the day on the beach which is a 5 minuteS walk from his house. I am on the other side of the world to where I grew up. My free spirit took me travelling. My free spirit made me fall in love with photography and allowed me to have a profession I could travel with. I am in New Zealand.

Thanks again for stopping by and please do come back.  

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