Scott & Lucy

I first met Lucy with her mum at a wedding fair in Glasgow a couple of years ago. Both Scott and Lucy are exactly the type of couple I love meeting and working with. They were so easy going, fun to be around and focused on the things that were really important on a wedding day. Their main aim was to have all their family and friends around them to celebrate their marriage, topped off with a big party.  Scott and Lucy had been together 9 years before getting engaged. Lucy told me she'd almost given up on a proposal as Scott always said he never wanted to get married. However one day Scott bought Lucy a pair of adidas trainers she had seen and loved. As Lucy went to lace them up out popped an engagement ring from behind the tongue of one of the trainers. Then the planning began.

The one thing that stood out to me right from the very start after meeting Scott, Lucy and her mum was how welcoming and friendly they are. It felt like I'd known Lucy for a lot longer than I had as we talked away. She just a had that warmth about her. I drove up to Lairg (where Lucy grew up and her family home is) in the Scottish Highlands on Friday night, the night before the wedding and popped round to Lucy's house. I was made to feel at home instantly as I sat at the Kitchen table with Lucy, her friends and family and chatted as they got their nails done. The hilarity had already started and I wondered if they would ever get any sleep that night. The hospitality continued as a close friend of the family, Shirley welcomed me into her home where I stayed the night. 

The wedding day started back at Lucy's family home. The area is familiar to me as it is somewhere I used to spend as a child so it felt pretty special for me to be photographing a wedding up there. There was a buzz in the air and laughter rang throughout the house. Haggis and black pudding were in the oven, Scottish tunes were quietly playing in the background, makeup was being done and drinks were being passed around. Scott and his friends were getting ready down in Strathpeffer and knowing the personalities of everyone involved so far I knew they would be having a blast too. The girls insisted I sat down for some breakfast (my second of the day) to try the black pudding, which was incredible and then I was back to it.

After all the preparation was complete, a quick stop was scheduled before making our way to the wedding venue in Strathpeffer. Lucy and her brother spent a lot of their childhood at their grandfathers croft just down the road. Now, for those of you that are reading this from overseas a 'Croft' is a Scottish cottage found in the highlands of Scotland. The real rugged beautiful Scotland.  True to the girls personalities they went into the barn, scaled a ladder and climbed on top pf the hay bails for photographs. I was in my element. To my delight Lucy's dad followed them up there! 

Down in Strathpeffer I had Rosie from Love Skye photography helping me for the day taking photographs of the guests, Scott and the boys. From the start to the finish of the day there were smiles, happy tears,  heart felt words, cartwheels, spinning, general hilarity and fun. It's weddings like this that make me truly love my job. Not only have I photographed an amazing wedding, managing to capture special memories for Scott and Lucy for years to come. I have made new friends. Scott and Lucy also sat me next to one of Lucy's childhood friends and her fiancé who are getting married in Australia next year. I think it was all part of Lucy's cunning plan as I have been asked to photograph their wedding in Australia. Yes, I am flipping excited indeed. 

It's needless to say Scott and Lucy are going to have a fun packed future together. They are unbelievably suited for each other and have without a doubt married their best friends. A massive congratulations to you both. 

Nikki Leadbetter2 Comments