Newborns Newborns Newborns

It's all about the newborns. The past four months have gone by in a blur. Everyone always told me time would go quicker second time around but you don't fully appreciate this until it actually happens. After having Ollie in 2014 I didn't take much time off before starting weddings again. It can be hard taking any kind of time off when your self employed, especially when you love your job. Its hard to take a step back, however this time I did take some time off and I have absolutely cherished this time. It's been a roller coaster of sleepless nights with a newborn, early morning's with a toddler and still trying to keep up with emails, admin and other work related tasks, again its hard to completely switch off. I have however managed to enjoy being first and foremost a mum and it is literally the best job in the world.  I absolutely and utterly LOVE babies. I always have. I have always looked forward to being a mum and will be so sad when the baby stage is over but look forward to every day of the kids growing up. 

The past couple of years I have been lucky enough to have had chocca block years of photographing weddings. I've met some wonderfully lovely couples who I have since gone on to photograph their friends and siblings weddings and photograph them again as their families expanded and babies arrived. I feel so privileged to be asked to photograph newborns. The first couple of weeks after having a baby is the most amazingly vulnerable time of a mum and dads life. This is the best time to capture photographs of newborns. While they are all curly and sleepy. Capturing their little creases, their button noses and snarfeled yawns. This year I am looking forward to some amazing weddings at beautiful venues, but I've also left more time to be photographing more babies and families. Why, because I love babies. 

Here is my little sleep thief at 9 days old. Her little creases, button nose and snarfeled yawns. I am completely, utterly and madly in love. 


and the out takes....because sometimes babies just cry!