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So, a little bit about me...

Once upon a time I studied Photography at Edinburgh School of Art back when you locked yourself in a darken room and everything was on film. I loved the anticipation and excitment of creating something that you didn't get to see straight away. 

Like many in my generation I have spent  large chunk of my life travelling, once its in your system its hard to get it out. My favourite things in the world are my humans. Ones old, two are newish and now my brand spanking new baby boy. Due to my lovely Kiwi other half I spend time each year in Scotland, Australia and New Zealand.  I LOVE the ocean, surfing, out doors, taking off on aero planes and landing in forgein  countries. I love hand made things and the talent of creative people.

I come from a very close large family who mean everything to me. I think its because of this I find capturing memories and fragments of time so important. Photographs will tell stories forever. I absolutely love what I do and hope I never have to d anything else. At the moment I live in Scotland but I shoot weddings across the UK and internationally so please don't let location put you off contacting me about your wedding. We also hope to move to Australia in a couple of years time. I've been lucky enough to shoot weddings in Scotland, England, Australia, Spain, France and next year I'll be adding South Africa to my list, a place I fell in love with many years ago.

During weddings I want to tell the story of your day as it plays out in a non obtrusive documentary style. I capture the relationships of you and those most important to you. The emotions you were feeling on the day. The tears, the laughter, the hugs and rolling eyes, those moments that you're own children will look back on and see the real you. I capture whats there, not a staged set up version. I got married in July  last year and without a doubt it was the most incredible day our lives, I didn't want to miss a thing and wanted everything captured (which I got), now I have all my memories to hang on my walls, put in albums and look at time and time again. I get it.

Strange facts about me, things and love and things I don't love so much...

I used to be a qualified life guard

I used to teach surfing in Cornwall, Costa Rica and South Africa

I love to be near, on or in the sea.

I love Salmon and anchovies...but not at the same time.

I have done the highest bungee jump in the world...I hate it.

I have been tossed around in some pretty huge waves...I loved it.

I find people fascinating and love to hear their stories.

I love art house cinema.

I LOVE black and white photography.

I love deers antlers. Yes. Very Random. 

I have an Honors degree in photography

I have a postgraduate diploma in Web Authoring and Design. 

I hate beer

I can't cook - I need to learn

I'm scared of horses 

I love Pearl Jam,  Iron and Wine, Powder Finger and the Fleet Foxes to name a few.

My favourite chocolate bars are cherry Ripe's.

My favourite feeling in the world is sitting out in the water on a surf board  with no one around you when the sun is just coming up. The smell, texture in the air, colours and sounds are like nothing else.

Thats a little bit about me, now tell me about you...


Thanks to my reluctant photographer in training husband (top and bottom photo).